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Tommy’s Seafood Inc. has provided seafood from the surrounding waters of Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf Coast to the finest restaurants, retailers, and distributors for more than thirty years. Working closely with our customers, we showcase wild-caught and sustainable seafood through our support of local fishermen.

We believe quality begins at the source. By only accepting the best and freshest seafood, we not only provide a superior product to our customers, but also do our part to support the local economy. We guarantee seafood at the best possible value, harvested with care and Gulf-inspired passion because there’s so much to be passionate about - the freshness, the flavor, the variety, the surprise.

A Message from Tommy

In Louisiana, seafood is second nature to us. It’s not just another job and it’s so much more than a career: being in the seafood industry is a way of life. It’s not just a trade or skill that’s handed down from father to son; it’s a legacy of our culture and heritage. We rely on Mother Nature to provide for us and take pride in knowing that the fruits of our labor feed the hungry, allow for families and friends to pass a good time, and most importantly remind us of where we came from. It’s not an easy living, but it’s a life filled with reward…this is the Southern Way™.

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A tradition born when pride met quality